GPPSS return to 10% fund equity stalled

The logjam of the 2010 GPPSS and GPEA teacher contract negotiations impasse was broken by agreement that 10% was a reasonable fund equity target. Six years later, the return to a 10% fund equity is still in doubt.

Finding the bottom

With Michigan public K-12 funding tied so closely to student enrollment, declining enrollment is one of the worst problems to have. The GPPSS’ enrollment has averaged 1% loss a year for ten years. Do historical enrollment levels tell us where we’re headed?

The difficult dynamic of enrollment and teacher salaries

Both Farmington and Grosse Pointe Public Schools have experienced significant enrollment loss and thus reductions in teaching staff. Farmington is now closing schools. How can the GPPSS avoid the same fate?

Census population data analysis for the five Grosse Pointes

Analyzing data from 200 and 2014 US Census and ACS data shows shows population trends for the Grosse Pointes contracting with proportional increases in older age brackets and proportional decreases in younger age brackets.

Smaller and older

A more detailed analysis will follow, but a quick view of census data for the Grosse Pointe communities show a clear trend. The five Grosse Pointes are getting progressively older and are losing population.

Chromebooks rising

In the aftermath of the Grosse Pointe Public Schools’ tech bond defeat, it’s worth noting that the less expensive and more flexible Google Chromebook is rapidly rising in popularity among K-12 schools in the U.S.

Analysis of the 2015 GPPSS Financial Audit

Using the recently published 2015 financial audit and the ten previous years’ audits, I take a look at the current financial state of the district, assessing the 2015 financial performance and multi-year trends.

GPPSS 2015 audit in three charts

The GPPSS 2014-15 fiscal year audit results are in and the news was welcome. Last year’s budget and all its amendments presented quite a roller coaster ride for followers of district finances. Here are three charts visualizing the data.

One less controversy for future school votes

The Grosse Pointe Public School System communities experienced first hand the controversy of February elections with last year’s tech bond vote. Moving forward the February option has been effectively eliminated given new laws established in Michigan last week.

GPPSS’ rare, and difficult, position among Michigan districts

The GPPSS has dwindling company among Michigan districts who maintain low ratios of students to teachers and who have teacher compensation packages significantly higher than state averages, and even among other high revenue districts.


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