Blue Ribbon Committee Update

The Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education recently seated a Blue Ribbon Committee…

Quick thoughts on GPPSS budget votes tonight

Tonight the Board of Education will vote on amendments to the current year’s budget and on next year’s budget, but they really ought to thank the voters of Wayne County. Without the approval of the recent Enhancement Millage, the budget would be total carnage.

Enrollment decline’s ferocious appetite

Here we examine the GPPSS budget developments, inclusive of the 2016 audit and the 2017 budget.

A ten year view of the problem

Let’s break down why the GPPSS continues to experience financial duress. The employee contract that tied compensation to fund equity was the response six years ago. Now people want to claim there’s a better way. Examine the data presented here and before you criticize, tell us all what you would do.

GPPSS audit reveals multi-million shortfall to district targets

The popularity contest (aka election) facing the community next Tuesday, will be quickly followed by the unpleasant task of addressing the structural gap revealed by this year’s audit report. Some way or another, elected board members will make large segments of the population (euphemism alert) unhappy. Those candidates who are pledging against holding employees harmless under these conditions are free to campaign on this basis…provided they share whatever very unpleasant alternative they will need to embrace to solve this problem before the district moves to a negative fund equity position.

GPPSS Board of Education Candidate Question Guide

I suggest voters in the coming GPPSS school board election press for candidates on two main issues: their stance on the current employee union agreements and their position on a tax increase. The two are inextricably linked.

Structural change or fingers in the dike?

Some of the same patterns emerge as the district treats the symptom rather than the cause of budget contraction.

The danger of ignoring total compensation

GPPSS employees rightfully decry the reduction in their salaries, but neither they, the Board, or the taxpaying public can afford to ignore other forms of employee compensation. We know what happens when we do – and it’s not good.

Back to the (ugly) future

The school board is eager to talk about allowing non-resident staff to send their children to GPPSS schools, but not so eager to discuss financial and contract issues that are of much greater consequence.

Living on the edge

The GPPSS’ company among districts that pay above average teacher salaries and have below average ratios of pupils to teachers is dwindling and the risks of doing so are great. The Board of Education ought to heed the warning signs and contemplate how the district will maintain this position.


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