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Living on the edge

The GPPSS’ company among districts that pay above average teacher salaries and have below average ratios of pupils to teachers is dwindling and the risks of doing so are great. The Board of Education ought to heed the warning signs and contemplate how the district will maintain this position.

Budget trend more important than point in time measure

At the Board of Education meeting on June 25th, we passed the 2012-13 budget. My…

Midland report references “Grosse Pointe formula”

Midland (Michigan) Public Schools (MPS) is struggling with how to establish fixed costs (via employee…

MPSERS reform report published

Late in 2011, Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and Senate Majority Leader Randy…

If you seek an unpleasant legacy cost problem, look about you

The City of Detroit’s finances took the unenviable spotlight this week when Mayor Dave Bing…

Presentation on the financial state of the district

District independent financial auditors presented their findings to the Board of Education last night. In…

Superintendent Search: The compensation question

In a superintendent search, there will be an inevitable point when we ask, “How much…

The Elementary Class Size Conundrum

The combination of schedule inflexibility, high enrollment variability, and stressful economic times renders elementary class size decisions a frustrating exercise for all parties. Reasonable and rationale standards, consistently enforced, present the best means of navigating these rough waters.

Steps, Lanes and More: A Technical Analysis of Teacher Compensation

State of Michigan statistics show Grosse Pointe Public School teachers are the highest paid in the state. Questions have been asked and theories presented as to why this is the case. Teacher salaries are every district’s highest investment. As such we need to understand the dynamics of employee compensation fully, but undertake the analysis in an objective, constructive manner.


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