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Enrollment decline’s ferocious appetite

Here we examine the GPPSS budget developments, inclusive of the 2016 audit and the 2017 budget.

Living on the edge

The GPPSS’ company among districts that pay above average teacher salaries and have below average ratios of pupils to teachers is dwindling and the risks of doing so are great. The Board of Education ought to heed the warning signs and contemplate how the district will maintain this position.

10 observations on proposed Michigan School Aid Fund budget recommendation

Here are my top ten observations prompted by my review of two presentations on the State of Michigan budget along with my previous years of analysis of state and local education budgets.

Technology one area where state SHOULD meddle

Election Day tomorrow will see schools in just the Metro Detroit area seek well over…

Is Grosse Pointe really a donor district?

A frequent claim among taxpayers in the Grosse Pointe Public School System is that we…

Headwinds, tailwinds: 2012 Michigan K-12 Budget

In February of last year, I wrote¬†Rick the Nerd and the Blustery Day, which offered…

GPPSS Financial Benchmark Report and Analysis

Several years ago the Board of Education adopted a new policy that annually a report…

Midland report references “Grosse Pointe formula”

Midland (Michigan) Public Schools (MPS) is struggling with how to establish fixed costs (via employee…

What does pot law have to do with forced choice?

Drug use among students is an area that always merits attention, but there’s something else…

My Detroit Free Press Op/Ed: Legacy costs are crippling schools

The following is my guest editorial that was published in the Detroit Free Press on…


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