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GPPSS Financial Benchmark Report and Analysis

Several years ago the Board of Education adopted a new policy that annually a report…

Board action addresses elementary class size concerns

The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution last night that…

GPPSS is a leader in pupil to teacher ratio

I’ve written quite a bit recently about class sizes, which is topical as the new…

Enrollment, class sizes looking great

Few summers have seen as much activity as that experienced by the Grosse Pointe Public…

The Elementary Class Size Conundrum

The combination of schedule inflexibility, high enrollment variability, and stressful economic times renders elementary class size decisions a frustrating exercise for all parties. Reasonable and rationale standards, consistently enforced, present the best means of navigating these rough waters.

The Economics of Class Size

Even though local school budgets are shrinking, our community’s expectations do not. Class size is always among the most significant of their concerns. At our last Board meeting, teachers spoke against increased class sizes and raised concern about being asked to do more with less. This blog post delves into the economics of class size and analyzes the underlying financial pressures that impact the issue.

Action on 5th Grade Class Size

A Special Meeting of the Board of Education will take place this week where I will introduce a resolution to address the 5th grade class size concerns at Maire, Monteith and Trombly.


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