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Enrollment decline’s ferocious appetite

Here we examine the GPPSS budget developments, inclusive of the 2016 audit and the 2017 budget.

Proposed GPPSS budget stays the course

The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Board of Education will approve the 2014-15 budget tonight in a form largely unchanged from my May 18th analysis.

Budget trend more important than point in time measure

At the Board of Education meeting on June 25th, we passed the 2012-13 budget. My…

School aid bills vary only by amount of funding reduction

The School Aid Bill proposals in the State of Michigan that will determine K-12 funding…

Midland report references “Grosse Pointe formula”

Midland (Michigan) Public Schools (MPS) is struggling with how to establish fixed costs (via employee…

Budget development seeks employee feedback

The 2012-13 Grosse Pointe School System budget development process will commence in earnest tonight when…

Updated financial benchmark report

This is a refreshed version of the Financial Benchmarking Report we have published in the…

2011-12 Budget Planning Begins

Four years ago I felt our budgeting process was highly inefficient. ┬áMeeting after meeting lasted…

2010-11 GPPSS School Year Budget Approved

The 2010-11 Grosse Pointe Public School System budget approved last night consumed hour upon hour of work and analysis to enable us to continue to deliver the high quality programs we have come to expect. While intensely difficult and painful at times, this budget and other financial achievements in 2009-10 will pay dividends for years to come.


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