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GPPSS Board of Education Candidate Question Guide

I suggest voters in the coming GPPSS school board election press for candidates on two main issues: their stance on the current employee union agreements and their position on a tax increase. The two are inextricably linked.

School board election 2014 update

The partnership of Margaret Weertz, Jake Howlett, and Brian Summerfield was further cemented this week when each announced they had been endorsed by the Grosse Pointe Education Association (GPEA), which is the local teachers union.

Campaign patterns emerge

Like the sprouting campaign lawn signs, developments are emerging in the 2014 Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education election.

GP BOE Election 2014: The hijinks begins

The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Board of Education enters the zany election period which has been thankfully reduced to just even years. Even in this very early stage, the melodrama has begun.

Candidate Debate: Closing Statement

We were given two minutes to deliver a Closing Statement.  I obviously had prepared these…

Candidate Debate: Opening Statement

I strongly encourage everyone to watch the replay of the Board of Education candidate debate. …

What a weekend

What a weekend for the school district and for me as a candidate.  The Victory…

Thanks, Trombly Elementary PTO

Thanks Susan Griffin, Trombly PTO President, and to the PTO in general for asking me…


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