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Living on the edge

The GPPSS’ company among districts that pay above average teacher salaries and have below average ratios of pupils to teachers is dwindling and the risks of doing so are great. The Board of Education ought to heed the warning signs and contemplate how the district will maintain this position.

One less controversy for future school votes

The Grosse Pointe Public School System communities experienced first hand the controversy of February elections with last year’s tech bond vote. Moving forward the February option has been effectively eliminated given new laws established in Michigan last week.

GPPSS’ rare, and difficult, position among Michigan districts

The GPPSS has dwindling company among Michigan districts who maintain low ratios of students to teachers and who have teacher compensation packages significantly higher than state averages, and even among other high revenue districts.

10 observations on proposed Michigan School Aid Fund budget recommendation

Here are my top ten observations prompted by my review of two presentations on the State of Michigan budget along with my previous years of analysis of state and local education budgets.

Statewide and local fund equity analysis

This 10 page slide presentation analyzes the General Fund Equity levels of all traditional Michigan public school districts following the 2012-13 school / fiscal year. It gives special attention to fund equity levels in the Grosse Pointe Public School System.

Retirement costs in the GPPSS

Last week in response to the current gubernatorial election issue of K-12 funding, I wrote about state revenue to the Grosse Pointe Public School System in both the Granholm and Snyder administrations.

GPPSS in Granholm, Snyder Eras

Tonight’s town hall meeting, a form of debate between incumbent Governor Rick Snyder (R) and…

Should Michigan have spent another $38b on K-12?

The Drake¬†report was¬†published this week. It asserts that the State of Michigan is cutting taxes…

Updated Financial Benchmark Report

For the last several years I have published my personal research on the financial trends…

Reality check on teacher salary data

A New York Times article published this morning highlighted a national trend of the increasing…


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