Performing Arts Center at North High School

There is a Regular Meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, August 23rd.  The agenda for the meeting can be accessed here.  The meeting is at the library at Grosse Pointe North High School. 

The supporting materials for all the items are embedded as links within the agenda. 

We will be voting on a series of revisions to our policies, most of which are based on changes to state or national law.  About four years ago we converted to a policy service that would allow us to keep our policies more up to date.  The summer months provide an opportunity to keep things current. 

 As I have blogged this week, one of the more significant actions is in the monthly human resources report where the Board will be asked to approve the addition of three more elementary teachers to address some “hot spots” in enrollment.  This is really a good problem because enrollment is coming in better than we had projected. 

I put a presentation together for the Board that I will deliver on Monday.  You can get a preview here:  2010-11 Budget and Staffing Updates_August 2010 

Also of interest is the next iteration of our financial benchmarking report.  This is a practice that I started about three years ago as a means to compare key financial metrics of our district against other similar districts, normalized on a per pupil basis.  I think this is another good blog topic, so I’ll keep my powder dry until then. 

Have a great weekend and perhaps I will see some of you Monday.